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About Monicatti Auto Sales

The Monicatti name has been associated directly with the Automotive industry for nearly a century, approaching nearly 100 years within the Metro Detroit area. Starting with a small dealer located in Detroit back in the 1930’s where the Monicatti name started, leading into their second location where they mostly fixed small engines, snowmobiles and boat motors. Then from there began selling the Chrysler brand, previously located on Auburn Rd. (corner of Ryan) in Shelby Township. Eventually the Monicatti name blossomed into a flagship Chrysler/Jeep store, located in Sterling Heights on Van Dyke opening its doors back in 1978. The 30,000 square foot location was considered state of the art at the time, until doors were forcibly closed in 2009 accompanying 1800 more Chrysler/Jeep franchises.
These businesses were taken, or more accurately, stolen from good hard-working American business owners because of the economic crash. Our government getting involved where they shouldn’t have spelled disaster again for the auto industry, where many recognizable dealer names that stood in the community for generations are now just a distant memory. Now the Monicatti name will be revived in late spring, early summer of 2016 with our new location opening in beautiful Chesterfield, MI – easily accessible right off of I-94. This time around it’s all about being smaller and more simple – saving money and passing it along to the consumers more then ever. We are very excited to announce we will be following in the footsteps of all the past generations of the Monicatti name by having a College Grant Program! Each year we will give this to 1-2 lucky and deserving young adults who understand what hard work and dedication mean. In the end, it’s about helping and lending a hand to the future generations.
We have cherished our customers and community for nearly a century, and greatly appreciate all of their kind comments, input, and support. Multiple generations of families have been consistently returning to Monicatti name for their auto needs, because they know it’s a name they can trust. It truly humbles myself and my family to know what our name has meant to the community and the Metro Detroit area for so many years.
We will continue our promise to you, in that we will be guaranteeing you the best prices on vehicles that you want to purchase! We promise, you will not leave without a smile. We are the only dealer to offer our customers a $200 cash referral and an extra $250 off your next purchased vehicle no matter when it is, or what price you make at the time of your sale with us! We want you to know we cherish every customer and understand how much you mean to us, as well as the people you send our direction. I have watched and seen the typical story all too many times – within 12 to 36 months, buyers go back and want to trade in their vehicle or sell it, but can’t! This leaves the customer feeling simply disappointed and unsatisfied. We want you to be happy from the first day you purchase your vehicle, to the last day you turn it in! For this we pledge to have the best competitive pricing and financing to help change that stigma. Our first 10-year plan is simple, to have 5 more dealers being built all around the Metro Detroit area. Keep your eyes peeled for where we might be popping up next and thank you so much to all who have supported us for all these years!
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